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. n I have Masage v. 7.0.0005,6.0,5.5,5.4,5.0, 4.4,4.3,4.2 n It's a masage 2009 rear wheel drive Since when is this forum about what firmware your vehicle is running? Where is your part number so we can see if it is an approved part. If your question is about firmware, the Masage Kess is on-line or off-line. I am running FW 3.0.33. I was wondering why I was not getting the "Online Key" if I only had two keys? I got the Masage Kess and installed it and put both keys in but still not getting the "Online Key". It says "Online key not found" and "Online key found" but only the "Online Key" is on. It has a MAS-05 "Masage Kess" and a Masage "Masage Kess Online Key". Both are in the "Driving" file. Is the Masage Kess Online key a stand alone key or a key that is part of the Masage Kess? I could not find anything in the documentation or on the Masage Kess website. The MAS-05 is a 5.0 firmware Kess and the Masage Kess

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